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"Grant has been working on several of our development schemes across the region and has provided very high quality layouts and images for the presentation of the sites we are promoting through the planning system. All projects have been delivered on time and within budget. We will continue to work with Grant on future projects."


Andrew Laing

Land & Planning Manager

Hollins Strategic Land



“What impressed me most about Grant Erskine Architects is the professionalism, knowledge, experience, unbeatable pricing and the communication throughout. I know their services are endless, but importantly they return calls, provide free initial advice and deliver what they agree to do. I would not hesitate in recommending them where the opportunity should arise.


Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time”


Joanne Nuttall

Owner, Breakey & Nuttall



“I would describe Grant Erskine Architects as extremely professional, but personable and approachable at the same time and as people who "think outside the box" and really go that extra step to delivery results with quality. In all honesty I would recommend them to anybody including friends and family and we are extremely happy about the project that they recently completed for our business.


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


Mike Naughton

Diggle Nursery Owner



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 Architects Manchester ¦ North West Construction Professionals ¦ Building Design Team

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 Architects Manchester ¦ North West Construction Professionals ¦ Building Design Team

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 Architects Manchester ¦ North West Construction Professionals ¦ Building Design Team

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How to Market to Architects

As published in the Roofing Today magazine

(Issue 50, December/January 2014, page 9)

Loft Conversion ¦ Planning Permission ¦ Architects Manchester ¦ North West Construction Professionals ¦ Building Design Team

Marketing. It’s a dirty word. But we all have to do it. Suppliers do it to contractors, contractors do it to us, we do it to developers and developers do it to the end users. It never ends - ultimately we all have something to sell and therefore we have to tell people about it. Without exaggeration, we probably receive about 20 pieces of marketing through the post every week. 90% of this goes straight into recycling, not even read. Hopefully what I am about to tell you will help you get yours read... and maybe even kept.


Let’s start with the DON’Ts.


The first biggest no-no is trying to sell us all your stock in one go. I have never, in my 12 odd years specifying elements thought to myself “I need a new door handle, I’ll go to my library of 3000 product catalogues and look for one” If you send me a large glossy magazine with different style taps - chances are it’s going into recycling. It is not feasible for us to keep everything and if it’s big and bulky, we probably won’t.


Don’t start your letter with “To whom it may concern” or “Dear Sirs”. If you haven’t gone to the effort to target me personally, why would I bother to read your letter?


I know that’s a little blunt, but if I doesn’t see “Dear Grant” or in the odd case “Dear Grant Erskine Architects” I know immediately it’s a blanket ‘catch all’ circular and probably of little use to me, so you can guess where it goes straight into.


Now you may be thinking “I don’t have time to work out the name of every director and every architect in every practice” and I understand that, because we often think the same. However someone once explained this to me with a simple question. Would you rather have 50% of 100 people read your marketing material or 5% of 1000?


And now the DOs.


First one, and it’s probably the single most important, simplest and cheapest. Include your business card. Many of us still have card holders packed full of suppliers that we still revert to when we need something.


Secondly, if you are going to send something, make it easy and worthwhile keeping. Many of us have A4 lever arch files where we keep stuff that has piqued our interest. It’s our scrap book of stuff that might come in handy, so take advantage of this knowledge. If a supplier sends me an A4 sheet, or A4 brochure with a few pages, with simple digestible and useful info on it - I’ll probably file it my “stuff folder”. Make it easy for me however. Send it pre-punched so I don’t have to go looking for a hole punch (if you want to stand out a little - use the wire extension so it sits out further than the rest).


Include swatches, maybe small samples, good details, perhaps a bit of a spec - info that I will need - not large photos of your existing projects - if I need that I will go to your website.



You can read this article as it was published in the Roofing Today magazine (Issue 50, December/January 2014) over here (page 9).




As a bonus for our website readers, here are the best and worst examples I have seen:


The best one I have seen recently came from a garage door supplier. It arrived in a brown A4 envelope, with name and address hand written in blue. When I opened it, I found an A1 plan (just a generic one, elevations of a standard house type), with mark-ups and a post it note saying - “we can do this for you, call me for a chat”. At first I thought it was a job, before realising it was an advert. Very memorable, with great information. Next time we are specifying a garage door, I’ll look for the folded A1 drawing in my stuff folder.


The worst one - 3 heavy glossy product brochures in a clear plastic bag envelope, with a simple sticker for our address. Not even going to open it. Even if I did need that product right now - I'd probably still go to the web than wrestle with those brochures.


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