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"Grant has been working on several of our development schemes across the region and has provided very high quality layouts and images for the presentation of the sites we are promoting through the planning system. All projects have been delivered on time and within budget. We will continue to work with Grant on future projects."


Andrew Laing

Land & Planning Manager

Hollins Strategic Land



“What impressed me most about Grant Erskine Architects is the professionalism, knowledge, experience, unbeatable pricing and the communication throughout. I know their services are endless, but importantly they return calls, provide free initial advice and deliver what they agree to do. I would not hesitate in recommending them where the opportunity should arise.


Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time”


Joanne Nuttall

Owner, Breakey & Nuttall



“I would describe Grant Erskine Architects as extremely professional, but personable and approachable at the same time and as people who "think outside the box" and really go that extra step to delivery results with quality. In all honesty I would recommend them to anybody including friends and family and we are extremely happy about the project that they recently completed for our business.


Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity


Mike Naughton

Diggle Nursery Owner



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 Architects Manchester ¦ North West Construction Professionals ¦ Building Design Team

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 Architects Manchester ¦ North West Construction Professionals ¦ Building Design Team

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 Architects Manchester ¦ North West Construction Professionals ¦ Building Design Team

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How much is my land worth? ¦ Architects Manchester ¦ North West Construction Professionals ¦ Building Design Team

How Much is My Land Worth?













One of the areas that we are being asked about more and more is "How much is my land / building worth?" The simple answer to this is "As much as someone is willing to pay!".


We are also often asked by clients how much a piece of land or building is worth, before and after development, to allow them to assess the viability of a project. For this there is no easy answer, but there are a few points to take into account.



1. Size - The ideal developable piece of land is of adequate size to maximise its potential. A good example of this - think of a site too big for 2 houses, but not big enough for 3. You may think "just build bigger houses", but the size of a dwelling does not necessarily define its price, it is as Kirsty and Phil say Location Location Location.


2. Proportion - The ideal site for a specific programme will be of a certain proportion. Imagine 1000 m sq site at 50m x 20m. Potentially a good proportion site. Now think of 1000 m sq at 200m x 5m. Not as much can be done here.


3. Frontage - Similar to size, dependant on programme, the proportion of the site that runs along a road edge is important when assessing its value. In the worst case scenario, where a site is "land locked" and has no direct access to a public highway, the purchaser will need to buy a second portion of land in order to develop access.


4. Shape - Like proportion, shape is perhaps one of the most influential factors in value, especially on smaller sites. Imagine a one acre square, now imagine a one acre triangle. The amount of wasted space due to the sites shape pushes down the overall marketable price of the land.


5. Development Potential - You could write a whole piece on this one area, but in a nut shell, it’s not feasible to build a 20 storey apartment block in a country village or a warehouse in a city centre. The potential will be defined by what can be marketed in an area. An example of this I come across a lot "I could sell this to a developer and they could build 12 apartments on it!" when we are standing in a small rural village somewhere. The developer could do this, but ultimately they won't as they will struggle to sell 12 apartments in an area full of cottages or 4 bedroom homes.


6. Time Constraints - What time pressures are you under? Do you need to sell the land quickly? Can you afford to wait? You as the vendor can ultimately define the price based on whether or not you require a quick sale. We always suggest to clients to take into account costs incurred in interest repayments on any loan they may have over the next year and consider that as a loss to their profit margin in waiting a year to sell.


7. Location - Where the site or building is located. For example, edge of town sites offer more freedom than city centre sites, but may have less of a premium. The location of a site in relation to demographic will also have an impact along with Local Authority land use classes. If a site has been listed as A1 Retail, it is unlikely (but not impossible) to achieve a complete change to C3 Dwellings (this depends heavily on local policy)


Tips to ascertain its value:


1. Ask. A lot of Commercial Estate Agents will offer a free initial review on your land.


2. See what other sites of similar type and location are selling for here.


3. Run a free advert on the likes of Gumtree. I suggest setting up a specific email address for this so your inbox is not inundated. (free google one)


4. Stick a board / sign up on the site. If you have a road frontage, raise a sign asking for offers. As a rule of thumb, you can have up to 700mm x 700mm but check with your local authority before erecting.


5. Give us a call. We know a few developers that are always looking for the right kind of land. We will ask on your behalf and if they are interested, put you in touch (at no cost).

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