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In the early days of forming Grant Erskine Architects, we sat down and wrote a list of every service a traditional Architect would offer, from pre-feasibility to post-completion.


• Project Feasibility

• Masterplanning

• Sales, Transfer, Lease Plans

• Concept Design

• Full Project Design

• Planning Application

• Building Regulations Approval

• Conservation Area Application

• Listed Building Application

• Scope Drawings

• Contract Drawings

• Work Package Drawings

• Contract Management

• Clients Architect / Advisor

• Project Management

• 3D Visualisation

• Photo montage

• Project Marketting

• Part 35 expert witness on disuptes.


Not every Architect's practice offers all, or even the majority of these services. We have found however that clients prefer to have the opportunity to have the one point of contact, there for them, making sure they get the most value at every point of the project. Not every project requires every stage, and some clients are able to proceed with no further input from us, which is why we cost each project separately, normally giving a "menu" of services from which you can choose.



About Us

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Who are Grant Erskine Architects?


Founded in late 2010, Grant Erskine Architects is a Manchester based Architects practice with big ambitions. As we approach the end of our second year, we can reflect and take stock of what has been an interesting two years.


Our ongoing success in an increasingly tough market has been due to our focus primarily on customer experience. We understand that no matter what size of project you may bring to us, from a small internal remodel to a full developent scheme, each project will raise its own specific challenges.


It is for this reason that we run our practice as what could be decribed as a "traditional Architect's practice". A practice that would have been more common 50 years ago than it is today. We are here to assist, support, guide and lead a construction project with a level of knowledge and experience that a allows us to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In essence we position ourselves as your one point of contact, managing the process and ensuring it's success.


We also understand that evey client is different, with varying motivations. It is for this reason that we price every job in full from first principles. It allows us to accomodate the needs of each specific client, offering you a tailored service to fulfil your requirements, from a quick cost effective feasibility to allow you to ascertain if the project can be done, to a full project delivery.


We take pride in our work and pleasure in our pride. We are confident that everything we do is to the highest standard.


"To approach every project with a creative energy that allows the highest quality of design output"


Grant Erskine, Director.



Architects Manchester ¦ North West Construction Professionals ¦ Building Design Team












Who is Grant Erskine?


This is my story that I often tell high school students. I have abridged it for the website.


I never knew I wanted to be an Architect. I was lucky enough to go to a good Grammar school in Northern Ireland but I decided to leave mid A-levels and get a job. This is where I got introduced to the world of construction, working as a purchaser in a structural steel fabricators in South Belfast.


About a year or so later I startedworking at Alan Patterson Design where my love of Architecture took off. Alan took me under his wing and gave me some greatl opportunities. I experienced working on schemes from low cost high density affordable homes to large one-off mansions. Whilst there I also studied at night classes (HND Building Studies) where I realised that I am actually very good academically, being awarded the RJ McColl cup for excellence for a string of distinctions.


After the HND, someone suggested "why don’t you go to University?". At this stage I would have been 22, in a good job which I enjoyed, but thought "why not?”. So I applied to different universities around England and got accepted to them all, choosing Manchester (one of the best Architecture Schools in the country).


I loved it. I loved every bit of it and what more, I was good at it. I always achieved highly. This is not to say I didn’t work hard at it, you had to, but it was a wonderful experience. At the end of my first degree, I got the opportunity to work at Building Design Partnership where I worked full time for my year out. At the end of this year, it’s traditional to leave the workplace and go back to university. I decided to go back to university, but also to work at BDP 3 days a week. I did a full-time post-grad course (passing with flying colours) and held down a 3 day a week job for 2 years. After my Part II at University I returned to full-time at BDP preparing for my Part III (to become a qualified chartered Architect) which I completed a year later. They say it takes at least 7 years to become an Architect. Of the 200 or so students that joined Manchester School of Architecture in 2003, to my knowledge only 2 of us did it in 7 years!


So, by 2010 I had been working in this industry for 12 years, I had an undeniable work ethic and I had always wanted to do it, so I said to myself "if anyone can launch a new Architects practice in the height of a recession and make it work, it's you!". I'd already broken every other rule, from leaving school early to going to one of the best schools of Architecture in the country and working at one of the best practices in the country, successfully getting qualified in the shortest time possible. Why not this one as well?


As I write this, we are coming to the end of our second year and I am just about to sign the lease for a nice city centre office. I’m pretty pleased with that. In the current climate I think I can allow myself that.







Service Areas


As traditional Architects, we focus on design and knowledge as opposed to style and fashion. For this reason we have experience in a wide range of areas, including:


• New Builds

• Extensions

• Conversions

• Interior Design

• Remodeling





As a multi-sector practice, we have a project and experience range that includes :


• Residential

• Developments

• Mixed Use

• Workplace

• Commercial

• Industrial

• Sales